The Best Insurance Coverage, Value, and Service

So You Can Focus on Success

Insurance Plans Custom Built for Your Needs

We get it. You are not just busy — you are devoted. Yet no amount of devotion will safeguard your residents or business investments like customized coverage by Adult Family Homes (AFH) Insurance Solutions. In fact, no matter the size of your operation, we are able to bring you the best combination of coverage and pricing. Plus, we have an extensive range of coverage options, too.

It’s Business … and It’s Personal

We understand that your field is unique. Homes are a business, and residents are family. That’s why we offer truly personalized insurance solutions. Throughout decades in the insurance industry we have remained independent. Why? So we can get you optimal coverage at the best price. In addition, we shop so you can save more!

Let’s Work Together

In choosing to work with us, you are choosing to mitigate risk and live worry-free. Let us help so that you can focus on resident needs and ensure a safe, welcoming environment.

Here’s how we work: After an assessment of your needs, our AFH Insurance Solutions team will conduct essential research. That away we can identify the best options for you. Then, we present these findings so you can determine exactly the type of protection that works for you.

If you are ready to sit down at your kitchen table and have a straightforward and personal conversation, contact us today. We are happy to set a meeting at your convenience — when it comes to your insurance needs, we know we can help you make a smart choice.

Types of Insurance Solutions